Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back in Tucson

Well folks we have made it back to Tucson. we had a safe trip to Arkansas and back thank the Lord for that. Kathy's brother Bill is doing OK he put on a few pounds and gained some strength while we were there it's sad to see him this way but all we can do is keep him in our prayers. The weather was cold while we were there down to 3-9 degrees at night and barely up to 30 in daytime but we survived OK. We stayed at our daughter's and son in laws Tuesday night and picked up our house (RV) Wednesday that was in temp storage and moved into our new parking spot for a few months never stayed here before but we like it so far. It was a tight getting in here but once in the spot have plenty of space. Will be here till probably end of April or first of May. My knee replacement surgery is schedule for 24th Feb and I will need time for rehab that's why we are in Tucson this winter instead of Yuma.The weather has been wonderful so far here and we really are liking the warmth and sunshine. I guess that brings us up to date hope all of you are doing great until next post have safe travels.  

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