Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hi all sorry to take so long This time I will really,really try to keep up I won't bore you with details with the rest of the summer besides with my memory it would be so confusing but I can say after leaving North Carolina we went to Charleston N C for a week, visited Fort Sumter and the downtown very historical city then we went to Florida. Jacksonville, Melbourne, Ocala, and FT Walton Beach. next we went to Gulfport Miss. for a week there still a lot to be cleaned up after Katrina. Next we stopped over in Lafayette La took a swamp tour and enjoyed the Arcadian food and was Livingston TX visited our mailbox and enjoyed txfeast with other escapees then across TX in a few days to El Paso and visited our grandson and family who is assigned to Ft Bliss army base. Next we came to Tucson where we are now visiting family ,friends doctor's appt. etc. We wil leave here tomorrow and go to Yuma for a few months during the winter. Hope to see some of you there . well until later folks safe travels and yes I will try and do better with posting.

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