Sunday, July 22, 2012

North Carolina

Hi all you fine folks that keep asking me if I'm ever going to post on my blog well here it goes. First I apologize for being too damn lazy to post on our travels, but will try and bring you all up to date. We left Tucson end of April made a three day stop in Deming NM to visit friends who retired there after spending 20 plus years full timing, why Deming guess they like it there but it would not be our choices.then on to El Paso TX and visited our grandson & family.He is stationed there in the Army and doing ok he likes his job but not his bosses.We had a good visit and then moved on with a few overnight stops in TX and then on to Fort Smith AR spent a week there at Fort Chaffee Army Guard base that our friends the Fleegers told us about. That's also where Elvis entered the army and being huge Elvis fans wanted to visit the Area They have a small Museum there and we got to set in the original barber chair were he got his first buss kinda brought tears to Kathy's eyes. Nice little base with seven hook up sites. Next we went to Branson MO.for a week and then to Chanute KA to have some work done on our home that is where its built and they changed some things out as after 5 years of ware & tear and over 50,000 miles needed replacing or repaired we were there 4-5 days then went back to Branson and met up with Kathy's brother & sister in law then went to Kathy's hometown for two weeks and parked by her brother's house that has full hookups. We left there and went to Nashville TN to visit the daughter of our friends that are in Deming. spent 3 days there at a C.O.E. we stopped in Crossville TN to visit 4 guys that I worked with in AZ. We have remained friends for 40+ years and then one moved there told others about the town and ended up with 3 more old retired guys oh wait I'm a old retired guy. Had a great visit and moved on as I really needed to dry out from all the adult beverages. next we went to Charlotte NC making one over night stop on the way.We stayed a week there next to the Charlotte motor speedway and went to some NASCAR shops and just kinda relaxed for a while. Our next stop was in Greenville NC to see our Sunshine(granddaughter) which is the only reason we came this far north. This is her first job sense graduating from the University of Arizona with her nursing degree.We had a great visit with her can't believe she enjoyed hanging out with her grandparents. we moved on to where we are at now (Elizabeth City NC) on a Coast Guard base. Sunshine has visited us here for three days of her four days off and plans to come down again before we leave here on the 18th Aug. I guess that brings us up to date I will try to post more often as we will start traveling south down the eastern seaboard. until then wishing all you safe travels.

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